Groupe de Photographie d’ACFAA Eymet


1.1 The club runs competitions in a friendly and inclusive atmosphere. Our aim is to provide an environment that gives enjoyment to all of our members, regardless of skill level.
1.2 Images have been deemed worthy of submission by their authors. We encourage members to participate in competitions and any feedback provided should not discourage them from doing so.
1.3 We welcome all feedback, but please be considerate of members’ feelings and endeavour to be critical in a positive manner.
1.4 The aim of judging should not only be to identify the best images, but also to help our members to take better photographs.

2.1 Whilst competition formats can vary, we endeavour to follow these general principles.
2.2 A merit competition will be a given subject (for example ‘Landscape’) and members are asked to submit a number of images on the chosen theme. Members are also asked to separately submit images in the category of ‘Own Choice’ where no subject is specified.
2.3 Judges are requested to select the top three images in each section (themed and own choice), placing them in reverse order 3rd, 2nd then 1st and also three other images that they feel warrant special mention as ‘commended’.

3.1 Experienced judges will have their own methodologies and we of course respect any criteria and systems that they may wish to use.
3.2 We encourage all  judges to make use of the judging template below- click for expanded view. This suggests scoring based on different aspects up to a maximum of 100 points. The intention is to provide an empirical framework to differentiate between the images and arrive at a fair and consistent ranking. This template is not obligatory and judges are free to use whatever ranking system they prefer to achieve consistent results.
3.3 Club members might also wish to consider using the same template when considering which images they wish to submit for competitions!