For our first meeting of 2024 our members each presented 3 of the photographs form their portfolios that they felt were among their best for either technical or personal reasons, or both. HERE is the gallery of the photographs from the meeting.


Pour notre première réunion de 2024, nos membres ont présenté chacun 3 des photographies de leur portfolio qu'ils considèrent comme étant parmi leurs meilleures pour des raisons techniques ou personnelles, ou les deux. Voici la galerie des photographies de la réunion.

Comment from Mike Keesling:

 . . . There are a lot of different compositional elements out there that we can leverage to help bring harmony, (or disharmony) into our images. I really liked Lee's staircase image. The strong triangle between the Ⓐ, the staircase and it's lone inhabitant, and the lines of bricks leading off into the background is a great triangle. Howard's contemplating girl was heaped into a triangle.

Rule of thirds, leading lines, symmetry and patterns, framing, depth, balancing elements, leading room & head room, background, golden ratio, golden triangle, diagonals and triangles, fill the frame, centered composition and symmetry, foreground interest and depth, juxtaposition, viewpoint and angle, isolation and simplification, pattern and repetition, negative space, dynamic tension are all things you can be looking out for and analyzing in photographs. . . .

Thank you Mike.

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